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Reimagining Primary Care: When Small is Beautiful

by Eric J. McNulty

HBRThe attempts to “fix” the U.S. healthcare system have taken at least one well-worn market-based path: strive for economies of scale. Hospital consolidation is on the rise, a trend that shows no signs of abating as providers try to streamline back-end operations and deploy big data analytics in hopes of improving outcomes and lowering costs. Businesses try this every day.

However some primary care physicians ...

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New Clues for Detecting Colorectal Cancers Earlier

by Ann Lukits

HBRA study of how often people visit their doctor may offer a way to help detect colorectal cancers earlier. The study, in the International Journal of Cancer, found patients with colorectal cancers saw their family doctor significantly more often in the year before their diagnosis than did people without cancer. Before they were diagnosed, the cancer patients, also had more blood tests for anemia and prescriptions for ...

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Doctor-Patient Rapport

By Richard Donahue, MD

Boston is a mecca for some of the finest medical education in the country. But while 20th Century medicine has unraveled the complexity of cells and organs, 21st Century medicine challenges us to unravel the mystery between our bodies chemistry, our mind’s moods, and the beauty and complexity of relationships. There’s something really special about a doctor specialists who can diagnose and treat a life threatening disease in one organ with the latest technology. For example, a ...

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