Health Care for Children

Some children sail through childhood and simply need to optimize health and nutrition, while other children, often with a genetic propensity, have more complex medical or mental health challenges requiring multiple medications, specialists and mental health care.

Advances in medicine are finding that the origin of some, if not many, chronic diseases is inflammation originating from our gastrointestinal immune system and that some, not all, bodily diseases may trigger “brain diseases” with a cascade of mental health – behavioral conditions.


Diseases affecting children’s organs such as the lungs (asthma), skin (eczema), and brain (anxiety, OCD, depression) may actually have origins in the G.I. track via small intestine permeability that triggers food sensitivities (not immediate food allergies), nutrient malabsorption, and systemic inflammation. Environmental exposures combine with genetic propensity to make some children more vulnerable to disease.

Testing for sources of food sensitivities, malabsorption of nutrients and inflammation help to take a deeper look at illnesses that do not respond well to conventional medicines or still persist.

As a family physician the impact of illness on a child and family his and important part of overall care. Parents can feel overwhelmed with multiple specialists points of view, Coordinating specialist in communicating with specialists is part of the overall care.