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To Your Health: Lyme disease really ticks me off!

By Dr. Rick Donahue/


Brookline — Lyme disease can be challenging for doctors to diagnose and treat, as well as frustrating and sometimes devastating to the people who have it. In 2009, there were 4,028 cases of reported Lyme disease in Massachusetts, with 456 cases registered in our Norfolk County alone!

Interestingly, the young and not-so-young are the two age groups most affected: Lyme disease has two peaks, at ages 5 ...

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Reimagining Primary Care: When Small Is Beautiful

by Eric J. McNulty

HBRThe attempts to “fix” the U.S. healthcare system have taken at least one well-worn market-based path: strive for economies of scale. Hospital consolidation is on the rise, a trend that shows no signs of abating as providers try to streamline back-end operations and deploy big data analytics in hopes of improving outcomes and lowering costs. Businesses try this every day.

However some primary care physicians ...

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