Integrative and Functional Nutrition


Beth Reardon, MS, RDN is known for her ability to translate cutting edge science into practical nutritional changes. She served as Director of Integrative and Functional Nutrition at Duke Integrative Medicine prior to coming to Personal Health MD in 2015. At Duke, Beth was a regular contributor to the Integrative Health Coach Training Program, Physician Assistant Degree program and Integrative Medicine for Professional Practice series.

Integrative Nutrition and Direct Medicine

Her expertise can be found on the Internet as the Senior Nutrition Advisor for, a website dedicated to Caregiver support, and is shared with other experts in the pages of publications such as Body and Soul, Experience Life, Men’s Health, in addition to Natural Solutions Magazine where she has served on the Advisory Board.

In 2010, Prevention Magazine featured the Tip the Scales Mindfulness Based Weight Management program at Duke Integrative Medicine, which later inspired her work on this recent book.

Her commitment and training in the areas of Integrative Health and Functional medicine is part of her vision to empower people to change how they perceive and define health with the goal of optimal function and total wellness. Beth received her undergraduate degree at Cornell University in Nutritional Biochemistry and graduated with honors from the Horace H Rackham School of Graduate Studies, University of Michigan where she completed a Master of Science in Kinesiology.