Adult Health Care

Dr. Donahue responds to your concerns and anticipates your needs for optimal health and longevity. Whether an executive of a corporation or the current executive of your home, Dr. Donahue’s annual comprehensive exam allows as much time as needed to listen and learn clues, to integrate your unique, sometimes complex, biological and psychological systems with your health goals, in order to create a medical and lifestyle action plan. Dr. Donahue helps you manage incremental change towards health, knowing that if were easy, or obvious, you would likely have already done it.

Aligning patients with their goals for 27 years, Dr. Donahue looks for the functional root cause – of complex illnesses while simultaneously optimizing health to reduce your associated family risk factors for disease, often with cutting edge natural approaches. 

Dr. Donahue is a Harvard affiliated physician uniquely working with all the major Harvard hospitals including being an Associate Physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and having privileges at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. He is linked into the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Physician Portal for real-time ordering of tests. As an independent member of Partners Health System Dr. Donahue charts in the BWH and MGH electronic medical record system with bi-directional secure access to specialist notes, past medical records, labs, imaging etc.

Your Personal Story: A detailed history is underutilized in today’s health care system. Senior physicians know that the secret to uncovering the early diagnosis of rare diseases is a highly detailed, give and take, conversational history to tease out sequences and patterns of symptoms. While Dr. Donahue tests via advancing edge of genetic analysis, a detailed Family History is often still the best “genetic test” to decipher risk.

Personal Health MD offers Direct Primary Care and Concierge Medicine for executives

Your Physical: Having taught Harvard medical students the art of physical examination, Dr Donahue’s detailed exam is targeted to screen for common and rare diseases. Having practiced obstetrics, well woman exams are respectfully done by Dr. Donahue or, if preferred, by gynecologist.

Advanced Testing: Your detailed history and proper physical examination, with your personalized medical needs inform recommended testing.

Dr. Donahue is well versed in targeted specialty lab tests in addition to conventional lab tests done in most doctors’ offices with on-site blood draws:

  • Cardiac Risk: We test for the most advanced cholesterol subtypes, inflammatory, and genetic risk markers. Rapid access to stress testing and cardiac consult is made as needed.
  • Gastrointestinal: Food sensitivity and environmental allergy testing. Gastrointestinal microbiome bacteria analysis, digestion and absorption markers, and gut inflammatory markers can address IBS/IBD and origins of systemic inflammation that conventional medical tests do not yet assess.
  • Energy/Fatigue: Mitochondrial, anemia, hormonal, and vitamin metabolism markers can help address fatigue and muscle aches
  • Mental Health: We now do genetic testing that personalizes psychiatric medication choice for most benefit and least side. effect
  • Hormonal: Female menopause and male testosterone hormonal testing, thyroid, and functional adrenal testing
  • Genetic Testing: Targeted and general genetic testing with a Geneticist consult when needed.
  • Environmental Toxins: Heavy metal and chemical exposure testing by blood and hair sample analysis

Cancer Screening:

  • Skin Cancer: Thorough skin exams annually or bi-annually and biopsies in office when indicated
  • Lung Cancer: Screening for current and ex-smokers
  • Colonoscopy: Streamlined referral to Harvard’s Gastroenterologist
  • Prostate cancer: Risk stratification using advances in PSA testing algorithms
  • Breast Health: Screening strategy with advanced breast imaging and genetic testing with indicated
  • Cervical Cancer: HPV vaccine series and Screening with HPV testing

Personal Health MD offers Direct Medicine and Concierge Primary Care for business executives


Common Personal Health Goals addressed 

| Physical Goals | 

  • Weight Loss action plans with MD or Nutritionist monitoring at regular intervals
  • Heart Attack prevention
  • Optimal aging with longevity promoting metabolic support and lifestyle
  • Fitness action plans with personalized data feedback

| Lifestyle Goals |

  • Stress reduction action steps to understand internal and external sources of stress. Build a change strategy and relaxation approach
  • Alcohol moderation or Cessation planning
  • Smoking Cessation with minimal weight gain
  • Optimizing relationships with spouse, Children, Colleagues. Matching to vetted counselor/therapists

 | Existential Goals |

  • Discovery, then action path a fundamental New chapter in life


Your Personal Health Plan: While some people are able to make sudden profound change, most of us sustain change through incremental action steps. Dr. Donahue uses follow-up visits and phone consultations to fine tune change and strategize setbacks to stay on track. He can works with cognitive behavioral therapists, nutritional coaches, exercise coaches, and Executive Coaches when needed.