Adult Health Care


Personal Health MD offers Direct Medicine and Concierge Primary Care for business executivesWith 30 years of clinical experience, Dr. Donahue’s clinical care spans from  complex illness, to cutting edge approaches for optimal health. Seasoned physicians know that the best tool to uncover hidden disease is a highly detailed, give and take, history to tease out sequences and patterns of symptoms. In addition, acute care needs can be addressed during same day appointments. To achieve this, our patient panel is limited.






Your annual executive physical may include advanced testing, examples include:

Cardiac Risk: Advanced lipid sub-fractions, inflammation and cardiac genetic risk markers.

Gastrointestinal Imbalance: Gut biome and food sensitivity, digestion and inflammation markers.

Hormonal Balance: Female estrogen imbalance, menopause and male andropause hormonal testing.

Weight Genetic Testing: To help personalize weight loss diets and exercise planning.

Mental Health Care: Genetic testing for personal drug metabolism enzymes to help inform psychiatric medications with least side effects.


Personal Health MD offers Direct Primary Care and Concierge Medicine for executives

Dr. Donahue helps you manage incremental change and habits towards health, knowing that if were easy, or obvious, you would likely have done it already. Select medical specialists, cognitive behavioral therapists, nutritional and fitness coaches, and executive coaches can help round out your support team. Many of our patients seek and discover a new healthier chapter in life.