Bringing you 27 years of medicine from the heart with scientific precision

Affiliated with Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Beth Israel Hospital, and Partners Healthcare

We do not just respond to your concerns, we anticipate your needs for optimal health and longevity. Whether an executive of a corporation or the current executive of your home, Dr. Donahue’s annual comprehensive exam allows as much time as needed to listen and learn clues, to integrate your unique, sometimes complex, biological and psychological systems with your health goals, in order to create a medical and lifestyle action plan.

Dr. Donahue helps you manage incremental change towards health, knowing that if were easy, or obvious, you would likely have already done it…

Aligning patients with their goals for 27 years, Dr Donahue looks for the functional root cause – of complex illnesses while simultaneously optimizing health to reduce your associated family risk factors for disease, often with cutting edge natural approaches.