Dr. Donahue is affiliated with Harvard's major hospitals. He is a Primary Care doctor for patients ages 2 to 102.

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Integrative Nutrition

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Functional Medicine
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Dr Donahue is the doctor of whom everyone dreams. At Harvard he brought his experience and inimitable style as a generalist doctor for a small community to an urban university. He comes in to each consultation ready for active engagement, ears and eyes wide open, giving a lot even as he takes everything in. Was Dr Donahue ever stymied by a set of symptoms? Never! He had ready access not only to his deep professional experience, but also to new research. Dr Donahue took the time, he listened, he heard what should be understood.In sum, Dr Donahue is personally delightful, professionally accomplished, and a good, wise listener. We are very sorry indeed to see him leave his service at Harvard University. J.S. Chair, Department of English at Harvard University

Dr. Donahue and the team from Personal Health MD provided extraordinary care to my Aunt during the last months of her very long life.  Dr. Donahue carefully and constantly managed her complex drug regime to assure that she had maximum benefit and minimum side effect.    He not only focused on her physical issues but also on the social and psychological aspects of my Aunt’s health.   He and my Aunt developed a wonderful trusting relationship during his many visits to her, and she was able to remain comfortably at home and engaged in her daily life right up until she passed.   As a family caregiver struggling to deal with the complexity of my Aunt’s end of life challenges, I found enormous comfort in knowing that Dr. Donahue could always be reached, that he routinely offered good counsel, and that, when necessary, he would come on short notice to assess and improve my Aunt’s condition. I recommend the entire team enthusiastically and without reservation.Elyse, CEO Boston Community Capital, Brookline

Dr. Donahue has in depth medical knowledge combined with the insight and experience of a long-time family doctor. And it’s all wrapped up with the intuition, warmth and compassion of that old-fashioned family doctor who really listened and took the time to get to know me. And with his experience in functional medicine, he’s enlightened enough to expand the treatment options that helped put me on the road to wellness.R.W., Boston

Dr. Donahue is the Marcus Wellby of this generation. He’s warm and empathetic, but very astute and insightful. He seems to ask all the right questions and really listen to the answers. He got to the heart of some of my 16-year-old daughter’s issues right away and made some excellent suggestions for treatment that have really helped her feel better all around.K.C., Chestnut Hill

I can’t believe I found a doctor who really tries to see the whole picture. Dr. Rick (Donahue) has the scientific smarts and the diagnostic expertise to offer spot-on advice for my specific medical conditions, plus he has the broad-based experience and insight of a seasoned family doctor.E.W., Brookline

Dr. Donahue is a healing guru and a doctor, in my opinion. I have never had such careful medical care for a long-standing medical condition. I have referred my family and now my employees to him. Me and mine are healthier since you moved to Back Bay! Thank you.J.M., Back Bay

He was thoughtful and compassionate- he listened to all of my concerns, answered all of my questions and never made me feel rushed. I highly recommend! K.B., Back Bay

Dr. Donahue became my doc within five minutes of meeting him. My father was a doc, an internist, which makes me super skeptical of MDs. I turn 65 today and so finding a regular doctor here in Boston was becoming urgent although I'm in excellent health. Dr. Donahue and his staff were so helpful and he was so knowledgeable about the bronchitis I came in with that I signed up as a regular patient that day. I consider myself luckier than a starving horse who stumbled upon a trove of fresh chestnuts and alfalfa hay. I mean Dr. Donahue was the only doc on an island off the coast of Maine for nigh on ten years. Then he spent time with Harvard Med School and Harvard student health services. And he's still relatively young. so he's had firsthand experience with healthcare from birth to death and everything in between. Honestly, it does not get better. John D. Boston

Best doctor I have ever been to. He was super thorough and sincerely concerned with my well being/health. I would recommend him to family and friends! Jill C., Wellesley