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“At Harvard he brought his experience and inimitable style as a generalist doctor for a small community to an urban university. He comes in to each consultation ready for active engagement, ears and eyes wide open, giving a lot even as he takes everything in.”                                                                                                                                   J.S. Chair, Department of English, Harvard University                                                                                                      

Whether you are a business executive, the executive of your family home, or a busy college student, Dr. Donahue’s membership practice allows you, and your family, the time needed to focus on your unique medical concerns.

We combine the best of conventional medicine care with an integrative functional medicine perspective developing strategies to treat complex disease and achieve your health goals in order to feel better, optimize performance, and reduce future disease risk. Dr. Donahue enjoys coordinating care with top specialists, when needed. His experience as a visiting scientist at Harvard School of Public Health helps to inform this synthesis of care.

Dr. Donahue is affiliated with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Beth Israel Hospital with access to MGH and Dana Farber through Partners Healthcare.



Integrative Nutrition
Concierge Primary Care

Your annual head to toe wellness exam, including a skin cancer screening exam, helps to benchmark health goals. Follow-up visits include addressing complex illness care, as well as 24/7 availability for more urgent health needs. Dr Donahue helps to mitigate family epigenetic health risks, keeping an eye on the medical literature for breakthroughs as well as using personalized lifestyle approaches. Learn More

Medical Membership
Medical Membership

As a member at Personal Health MD, you gain the expertise and care at the crossroads of Conventional healthcare and functional medicine. Learn More

Integrative Nutrition
Integrative Nutrition

Functional Nutrition Counseling and Metabolic Testing help define the individual’s optimal food platform, Gut bacteria health, optimal metabolism, and longevity end-points. Learn More

Dr. Donahue
Dr. Donahue’s Story

Dr. Richard Donahue founded Personal Health MD in 2011 to combine excellence in primary medical care with the most effective and safe complementary medical care, all under one roof. Learn More